Almond Oil for Face: Benefits and How to Use the Oil

Almond oil is used widely in many types of cosmetic products for facial skin, hair, and full-body skin. It contains plenty of vitamins primarily needed for human skin and hair to grow healthily and maintain the optimum condition. Some of the best benefits of almond oil for face are listed below.

1. Scrub

Almond oil is an excellent carrier for salt and sugar, so you can use it as the carrier oil for your facial scrub. In general, the salt or sugar works by removing dirt and rough or dead skin cells from the face. Almond oil works by immediately moisturize the scrubbed skin. A mix of almond oil with sugar is also effective to soften the lips.

Apply this treatment once a week for best results. Please remember that such solution is not recommended for people with sensitive skin or acne problems. Wash your face thoroughly by using warm water after applying this facial scrub.

2. Facial massage

almond oil pictureThe best time to use almond oil for facial massage is before bed. It ensures that the oil will stay long enough so that it can perform its functions well. Almond oil massage helps to reduce dark circles under eye, remove dead skin cells, improves the texture of your facial skin. Another benefit of taking almond oil facial massage before bed is that the solution is actually very relaxing.

Almond oil also reduces sunburn effects on face, prevents aging, and gets rid of wrinkles. You can almost say that this oil is an all-in-one natural substance for your facial treatments.

3. Get rid of dark circles under eyes

There are of course plenty of cosmetic products commercially available that you can use for removing dark circles under eyes. Nonetheless, if you are looking for more natural solutions, almond oil is always a good choice. You can simply apply the oil in the dark areas before bed, so you can let it work while you are asleep. For optimum results, you need to perform this treatment everyday for several weeks. This treatment will not only get rid of dark circles under eye, but it also helps to reduce dark eyelids and crow’s feet.

4. Cleanser

People with acne problems or sensitive skin are not suggested to use almond oil for facial scrub, but they can use the oil as facial cleanser. The good thing is that you don’t need to mix it with other solution. Apply almond oil directly to your facial skin and leave it for several minutes.

Almond oil facial cleanser removes dirt as effectively as the facial scrub. Basically, the cleanser will open pores, which will help to force dead skin cells and dirt to come out to the surface. As you wash your face, the dirt will also go away.

5. Facial moisturizer

The most common benefit of almond oil for face is that it can be used as daily moisturizer. It does not only soften rough or dry skin, but almond oil also creates protective layer on the face. Wet your hands with warm water, and then massage the oil to all areas of your face. This will help the oil to penetrate more easily into the skin. You can even apply makeup after the oil is absorbed.

Almond oil is a natural substance, so it is generally healthier since there is no chemical ingredient exposed to your facial skin. Apply this moisturizer daily for smoother and softer skin.

How to Use Almond Oil on Your Face

facial treatmentAlmond oil does offer various benefits for facial skin beauty and health. Nonetheless, it has to be applied in specific ways based on the intended purpose. It is as well possible that everybody experience different results depending on skin conditions and other underlying problems. Below you will find some different methods on using almond oil on face.

a) For treating dark circles

For this purpose, you need to mix almond oil with milk powder in equal proportion. Keep mixing those two substances until they become a paste with thick consistency. Apply the paste to dark circles under your eyes, and then leave it for approximately 10 minutes. Please be very careful in applying, so it does not make direct contact with eyes.

After 10 minutes, simply wash your face thoroughly. Another good method is by mixing 2 teaspoons of almond oil with 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply the mixture to the dark circles, and leave it overnight. Rinse the paste off in the morning.

b) As Facial Mask

To create a facial mask, mix 1 tbsp of almond oil with 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. If mixed well, those three different substances will form a paste. Simply use your finger to apply the paste to all areas of your face. You can apply this facial mask in the morning, and then leave it for 30 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

c) As Facial Cleanser

Another good benefit of almond oil for face is that you can use it as facial cleanser without adding any additive. Please make sure that your face is clean and dry before applying the oil. Pour some drops of almond oil (1/2 tsp) into your palm then gently rub the oil onto all areas of your face. Let the oil stay on your face for 2 minutes for best results.

For through cleaning, wet a cloth with warm water then wring it. Cover your face with this cloth for 3 minutes to open the pores on your facial skin. After three minutes, wet the cloth once again with warm water, and use it to wipe the oil away from your face.

d) As Facial Scrub

You can mix almond oil with sugar or salt to create a facial scrub. Use your hands to gently rub this mixture onto your facial skin. It can remove dirt and dead skin cells easily. People with sensitive skin or acne problems should not use such mixture for facial scrub. Rubbing too hard may cause skin irritation. Use warm water to rinse the mixture thoroughly.

e) As Facial Moisturizer

It is very easy to use almond oil as facial moisturizer. Simply take some drops of almond oil and apply it to your face. Please make sure that you only apply the oil on dry skin.


Almond oil contains essential vitamins for skin health and beauty including A, E, and D. For this reason, many cosmetic products also use this oil as the primary ingredient. To gain the most beneficial effects of almond oil for face, it is probably necessary to mix it with other substances such as honey or other vegetable oils.